The we.CONECT Pharma 4.0 Award

On September 19, 2019 the Pharma MES and Pharma TRACKTS! Community

will recognize, honor and celebrate best practice achievements of pharma industry end-users from the

MES and Track & Trace scene with the PHARMA 4.0 Award.

The deadline for applications ends on September 10, 2019.

Categories to be awarded in 2019

The Innovators

Outstanding MES related innovation of the year

The Tracksters

Best execution of a Track & Trace / Serialization project

Which criteria will be evalutated?


  • In which context did you execute your project?
    E.g. OPEX, Lean, cost efficiency, compliance etc.
  • Complexity – How many team members and departments were involved?
  • How big was the business risk and how did you assess and mitigate it?
  • How did you get the support of all stakeholders?


  • Which software is in place now / was upgraded?
  • What does you technological landscape look like now in comparison to prior status?
  • What are the major changes?
  • How did Technology support the change?
  • Are there particular new features?


  • How did the project change your daily operation?
  • What value for the company did you project bring?
  • What is the innovative side of your approach?
  • Did you develop new tools, apps, processes?
  • How do you think does your project set you apart from the other industry approaches?

How does it work?

we.CONECT invite all industry end-users to apply with their project to our assessment team, get shortlisted and become one of the first PHARMA 4.0 Award winners. Solution providers may propose to an industry end-user to hand in an application on the end-user’s name.

Take the stage and tell your audience what makes your team project stand out from the rest!

At the conference, all our attendees will vote for the shortlisted projects and their special achievements during our live polling session with our event app.

The award will be presented and given out at the end of the 1st conference day before the networking dinner of the two co-located events Pharma MES Berlins and Pharma TRACKTS! Berlin 2019.


  • Click on the application button and fill out the online application form.*
  • After the application deadline our Assessment Team will evaluate all submitted applications according to the criteria listed below and nominate the three most convincing projects.
  • You will then be informed about the final decision whether your project got shortlisted.
  • The shortlisted nominees will be called on stage at the end of the 1st conference day and asked to tell the audience what makes their project stand out from the rest.
  • The audience will vote for their favorite project by using a live voting feature integrated in the event app.
  • The winners will be awarded prior to the Networking Dinner and receive an exclusive trophy & certificate in honor of their achievements.

* To provide our audience with the information they need in order to vote for your project on the 1st conference day, we will feed them with an abstract of the facts your giving us in this application form. The abstract will be printed on paper and also included in our event app. Thus, please make sure that you are 1) allowed and 2) willing to share your best practice achievements with your peers to receive the recognition you deserve.

The Assessment Team

Christian Wölbeling

Senior Director Global Accounts, Werum IT Solutions

Gaetano Micera

Senior MES Consultant
Europe, EMERSON Process Management

Hernan Vilas

Head of the Global Solution Center – Manufacturing IT, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

Thomas Halfmann

Partner, Halfmann Goetsch Partner AG

Zinaid Dzinovic

Program Manager MES, POM, Novartis

Marco Glauner

Partner, Prime4Services

Marcel de Grutter

PM Serialization – Liaison Regulatory & Government Affairs, Abbott Healthcare Products B.V.

Pasi Kemppainen

Management Advisor, Serialization and Traceability, Santen Pharmaceutical

The conferences:

Pharma MES Berlin 2019
Go to event website

Pharma TRACKTS! Berlin 2019
Serialization Now! – Track & Trace redefined
Go to event website

PHARMA 4.0 Award
At the end of the 1st conference day (September 19, 2019)
TITANIC Chaussee Berlin, Germany

Contact person:

Elise Orhan
Marketing Manager
we.CONECT Global Leaders

+49 30 52 10 703 84